Tuesday, August 18, 2009

UBS Settlement -- We Can Help

If you are or know of someone about to be ensnared in the UBS settlement with the Justice Department, we can help. You are not necessarily destined to go to jail because of the settlement; but you need to act fast.

Call me at 513.563.1595 or e-mail me at info@paulnidich.com ASAP.


Carol said...

My name is Carol Johnston I live in Allen Tx, my son Jay Johnston says you are the best.

I took early retirement at 62 with pension and social security and I live with my 86 year old mom. I own 35% of the house we live in and I am under homestead exemption in Texas. I was on cobra for 18 months. That has now run out and because of my type 2 diabetes no one will take me for health ins until I reach 65 ( 10/2010) - They all say I have to go to the Texas High Risk pool with a pre-existing condition - which I have done starting 9/1/09 premium is $613 per month and has a $7,500 deductible for major medical and $500 ded for RX. I have some IRA and investments with Edward Jones.

If I choose to not carry any insurance until age 65 (medicare) and need to be hospitalized as person with no insurance what can I loose- My home - My IRA's - ???

If you tell me your fee for answering this question I can send you a check.

Thanks Carol Johnston

Paul Nidich said...


Please send an e-mail to me at paul@paulnidich.com, so I can answer you privately.