Monday, August 3, 2009

Hamilton County Commissioners Need to Hear From You!

Once again the Hamilton County Commissioners are about to deal a devastating blow to the disabilities community. Here is a letter from Cheryl Phipps, Superintendent of the Hamilton County Board of MR/DD. Please read it and take action to help.

July 31, 2009

Dear MR/DD Supporter:

On August 12, the Hamilton County Commissioners will decide the amount of the levy that will be placed on the November 3 ballot for us. We need your help in the next two weeks to convince them to choose an amount that will enable us to serve new people.

They are considering three options for the 5 year levy period, all of which are below the amount recommended by the tax levy consultants who reviewed us earlier this year. Those options are:

1) $416.8 million – our requested amount. We will be able to serve new people each year of the levy, and we will have enough money to use as match for Medicaid waivers
2) $400.2 million– an amount that will result in waiting lists. We can only serve 10 new adults each year (the need is 70) and enroll 10 people each year on waivers (the need is 100) with this amount.
3) $388.6 million ­ - a devastating amount! We will have to cut services currently provided and not be able to serve new people who need us.

Please contact the County Commissioners before August 12, tell them what MR/DD services mean to you, and urge them to vote for the $416.8 million. Their address is 138 E. Court Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202, and their e-mail addresses and phone numbers are:

David Pepper 946-4410
Todd Portune 946-4401
Greg 946-4405

On behalf of the 8,000 individuals we now serve and the thousands more who will need our services in the next 5 years, thank you!


Cheryl Phipps, Superintendent

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