Thursday, December 3, 2009


Senator Judd Gregg (R - NH) has written a letter to his Republican colleagues reminding them of most, if not all, Rules of the Senate that can be used to prevent a final vote on any bill being considered by the Senate, but directly aimed at the current Health Care Reform bill. When one looks at these devices, it is clear that the "Greatest Deliberative Body" can be tied into knots by even one reckless Senator, much less all Republicans acting in concert.

So far, the Republicans' bark is worse than its bite. Nonetheless, the closer the Senate gets to actually voting on the reform bill, the harder it will be for the minority Republicans to refrain from using these delaying tactics.

Of course, one cannot complain about the Republicans using delaying tactics, alone. The Democrats are not totally blameless. They, too, interfered with Senate action while they were in the minority. It is time, however, to change these Senate Rules that allow, if not encourage, reckless actions on the part of a minority to frustrate the will of a significant majority of Americans when that will is not subversive to the American way of life.

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