Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ethical Wills and Legacy Letters

Ethical Wills and Legacy Letters may be particularly helpful to parents and siblings of children with special needs.  The following is an except from an article written by Attorney Andrew Hook of Portsmouth, Virginia and published on Attorney Robert Fleming's blog at

A recent Investment News article by Kathleen M. Rehl discussed the value of parents leaving “legacy letters’ for their children and grandchildren to share after the parents are gone.  The author described the letter her mother had written shortly before her death.  “Please know how important you are to me and how much I love you.  Life has been such a fascinating and interesting adventure with you, my family, being a big part of this journey.”  She wrote about her values, lessons life taught her, and her love for each member of the family.  Ms. Rehl says that “[w]hat she experienced during her 84 years of life was much more valuable than the material stuff she left behind.”

Moe information about Ethical Wills can be found at  The website includes samples of ethical wills, written by people at various stages of their lives.

Ms. Rehl says that writing a legacy letter not only helps loved ones by communicating the meaning of the author’s life, but is a gift for the writer.  “In reflecting upon the past and recording thoughts on paper, writers learn about themselves, ponder what they stand for and have the opportunity to articulate that which is closest to their hearts.”  People can write their initial letter and keep it updated each year.

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