Monday, May 11, 2009

Ohio Insurance Reform


Your Senator Can Bring About Fair 
Health Insurance Rates

Ask Your Senator to "Keep the Open
Enrollment Reforms in H.B. 1"

Paying claims costs insurers money, so they
have a powerful reason to protect themselves
against covering individuals in less-than-perfect
health. In Ohio, insurers can deny coverage to
individuals with pre-existing conditions, exclude
coverage for a pre-existing condition, or charge
higher premiums. 

Over a decade ago, Ohio created an Open
Enrollment Program for people who were denied
coverage. Unfortunately, that Program no longer
works because the extremely high premiums are
out of reach for most Ohioans. Over 196,063
Ohioans between ages 50-64 are uninsured and
that number is growing with more lay-offs and
plant closures every day. For these individuals,
who do not have employer-based coverage,
insurance rates in 2010 are expected to average
$815 per individual per month. Some insurers
are advertising rates that exceed $3,000 per
individual per month. 

This can be fixed. The new Open Enrollment
Program in House Bill One will narrow the
wide variation in premiums. It will also limit
"cherry picking"... also known as "segmentation,"
to prevent unfair discrimination against individuals
with less-than-perfect health or with perceived
health risks. 

        There's no time to delay. 

    Please Call 1-888-844-5009

You will be connected to the office of Your Senator. 

Tell Your Senator... 

"Fix It Now. Keep the Open Enrollment Reforms
that were passed
by the House.  HB 1 -- State Budget Bill." 

Please send this Alert to others who support fair insurance rates. 


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