Monday, February 2, 2009

Do people who receive SSI have to pay taxes?

Q My son with autism turned 18 this summer and started receiving SSI in August. Does he file a tax return? Do you know what forms he would use? Does SS send out a w-2 of some kind? So far, we haven’t received anything.

A. If your son's only income is SSI, he would not file a tax return. SSI is not considered income for tax purposes. The Social Security Administration does send out tax notices, Form SSA-1099, to people who need to report this on their tax returns. Your son should not receive the SSA-1099, and you don't need to be concerned about filing a tax return. By the same token, recipients of SSI are not eligible for the 2008 tax stimulus payment, nor the 2009 credit for any unreceived stimulus payment.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am disable since birth and been receiving SSI since then. I never filed taxes since the only income is the SSI I rec'd on a monthly bases. I got married not to long ago and about to petetion my husband. On Form-864, it's asking me to submit the last 3 years of my TAX Return. How can I provide them my Tax return when I nevered file? I know i have to write a letter but i don't know what to say? Please help? Thank YOu kindly!

Paul Nidich said...

I'm not sure what Form 864 is, but your letter should simply say that "I had no earned income during the last three years, only SSI benefits, so no tax returns were required or filed."